Philips A5 Pro (Armin Van Buuren)

Armin Van Buuren A5Pro by Philips


This is the Armin Van Buuren endorsed A5 Pro DJ style headphones by Philips.

Metal music is my juice; so naturally the A5 Pro took a load of death and thrash metal tunes through its drivers. Although my first reaction was that the A5 Pro sounded flat and lightweight, I soon had my head bobbing to the beat and audio reverberations. I mean these cans had the tone spot on once warmed up. No fatigue. And as I adapted to its very balanced signature with a slight tilt to the brighter end I began to hear the audio blossom. This is a really fun headphones to listen to. To top it, the built quality and finishing is very good. Extremely sturdy, comfortable and light. The head band and ‘clasp’ are snug and they’re stylish to boot. Everything about the A5Pro is solid. After I put it through the paces, I was happy indeed. They performed more than adequate honestly. In fact I was very impressed.

The downside is, it’s a little hefty on the price tag. For most Malaysians, RM2119 (inclusive GST) is steep but Philips did make the A5 Pro for the high-end market; so in terms of classy looks, audio performance and functionality the price is valid I reckon.

I invite you to come audition the headphones over at Amplified; the Headphones Store to judge the capabilities for yourself. Those of us who have, are singing plaudits for the headphones!

For more details click here.

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