RHA T10 / T10i

RHA T10i

This Metal-Injected-Mould stainless steel pair of earphones are a remarkable piece of audio engineering. To someone who enjoys extreme subterranean metal music like me, the RHA T10 is a must-have. The range and dimension this earphone produces is breathtaking. Audio separation is so well-balanced and vivid it feels like the band members are inside you; sitting exactly where the music is supposedly being played from. There’s so much of headroom as well, that you can forget that you’re listening from a pair of ear plugs.

Drummer’s snares and pedals are at the right spot and reverberates accurately. Vocals are central, crisp and clinical. The T10 exposes the bass, rhythms and leads instruments with the right frequency range without ever overloading. They are full-bodied. The sound is as amazingly big and precise as you’d expect from a multi-driver custom monitors – but T10 is not. It is a single driver – a RHA trademark hand-crafted 770.1 drivers. This is the reason for its fabulous audio reproduction. And the earphones’ interchangeable filters allow you to tweak the sound to suit your preference – Reference , Bass and Treble. You get an incredible bargain for the price. Great value for money.

RM1020 (with microphone – iOS) and RM990 for non-mic version. Audition one today at Amplified; the Headphones Shop.

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