thinksound – Wood housing for audio done right



The thinksound wood house ON1 headphones and their range of earphones are not only cool looking but they produce immaculately crisp audio. The wood accentuates a certain characteristic personality to my music that I do not find prevalent in other drivers. The ON1 headphones boast a 50Ω impedance 40 mm driver – which is perfect for audiophiles who want to hook their gear to external amplifiers/DACs.

I learned through auditioning various types of headphones/earphones, that wood housed gears, in general, do very well for extreme metal music. And it’s definitely true for thinksound ON1 headphones. If the reverberation from the sonic avalanche of Vader’s ‘Reborn in Flames’ were surreal or Slayer’s slow boil intro of ‘Seasons in Abyss’ chilled your spine before; then hook these tracks to a thinksound audio gear and your head-banging experience goes up a notch!

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