Ready To Meet Your Next Favourite Headphone Amplifier?

The FiiO BTR1K is a Bluetooth amp/DAC amplifier that has the capability to turn any headphone into a wireless model.

It features a QCC 3005 Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth v5.0, an AK4376A DAC, an 8th generation Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation microphone, USB DAC functionality, and supports all lossless wireless audio codecs.

But how does this amplifier fare from the popular FiiO BTR1?

Well, as part of the massive announcement of the brand in 2019 along with:

  • FiiO FA7
  • FiiO M6
  • FiiO M9
  • FiiO K3
  • FiiO BTR3
  • FiiO M3K
FiiO BTR1K Advanced Features

It includes advanced options such as:

  • USB Type-C DAC
  • 8th generation Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation microphone
  • NFC
  • Codec RGB Light Indicator

At just 21.45 grams, this compact amplifier comes with the same accessories as the FiiO BTR3 – a USB-C cable and a soft lanyard. 

Premium Metal Design

The FiiO BTR1K is made of a two-piece housing, with its main body in metal and the bottom part made of plastic. Its bottom section has a matte and semi-pearl finish.

On the back of the device, there is a fixed clip that helps you to attach it to your shirt, jacket, or jeans.

With its small size of 24mm x 50 mm x 11.6mm, it’s 20% shorter than the FiiO BTR3 and is 10% lighter than its counterpart.

Operation and Control

FiiO BTR1K comes with 4 physical buttons that can fully operate the unit and most normal audio playback options. 

Front Button:

  • Press and hold for 3 seconds: Power on/off
  • Press and hold for 10 seconds: Reset device

Top Side Button:

  • Press and hold for 5 seconds: Force pairing mode
  • Single press: Play, pause music, answer/end calls, reconnect
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds on incoming call: Reject call 
  • 2x click: Activate Siri

Volume UP Button:

  • Single press: Volume up 1 level
  • Press and hold: Previous song

Volume DOWN Button:

  • Single Press: Volume down 1 level
  • Press and hold: Next song

LED Status Light: The front of the device has a small RGB light that indicates the unit status and the Bluetooth codec being used as well

Battery Life

The FiiO BTR1K headphone amplifier carries a 205mAh battery that can provide up to 8 hours of music playback on a single charge.

To charge the FiiO BTR1K, you will need to connect it to the USB Type-C connector that is on the bottom of the unity. It requires 1.5 hours to fully charge the device (on a 5V and 500ma power adapter).


It comes with a 3.5mm female audio connector at the top of the unit and a USB Type-C connection at the bottom. By connecting any device through the 3.5mm jack, it helps transform the FiiO BTR1K in Bluetooth connected units such as headphones, earbuds, earphones, car audio systems, and speakers.

The FiiO BTR1K also instantly pair up with any smartphone with NFC as the amp/DAC is equipped with one-touch NFC technology.


The FiiO BTR1K shows remarkable performance that provides clean and unadulterated sound. The sound that was transmitted, processed and sent to the attached headphones conversed the same level of sound quality that could be obtained while using headphones that are wired directly to the audio source.

It also shows a frequency response measurements of a proficient flat response with a rolling off starting just above 22kHz. Which is identical either in Bluetooth mode or when using a USB DAC.

The recommended drive ability to the FiiO BTR1K has a range of 16Ω~100Ω, a frequency response of 20-20kHz.

The FiiO BTR1K can output as much as 45mW (16Ω), 25mW (32Ω), and offers an SNR of 118dB, THD+N <0.004$ (1kHz; DAC mode), an output impedance <0.3ohm and a crosstalk ≥74dB.

The FiiO BTR1K is an outstanding Bluetooth adapter/amplifier that offers a lot for just a few hundred ringgit.


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