Keep your headphones and earphones clean to maximise its life duration with this guide

Who doesn’t own a pair of earphones or headphones in this day and age? Everywhere we go, we try to keep our music to ourself (for courtesy reasons) but also because we enjoy having our soundtrack following us everywhere we go.

And with our active lifestyle of listening to our music instead of the gym’s background music, it’s no wonder most of us find the best headphone or earphone to be our earbuds (pun intended).

We’re willing to invest on a good pair of headphones for quality music that is crisp, seamless, and most importantly, noise-cancelling. 

As the years go by, you might notice that the audio quality seem to drop and it can get annoying trying to either get it serviced or buy a new one. We might be tempted to throw it out but actually, the one thing you need to do is clean your headphones/earphones. 

Why Do We Need To Clean Our Headphones?

When you examine your headphones or earphones, you might see some residues on the earpads or wire mesh of the earbuds.

Cleaning your headphones and earphones after a workout or even just leisure listening is as important as cleaning yourself. Even if you use them as a sound engineer, cleaning your headphones is vital for you to continue doing the job you were born to do.

What more with the situation we put our headphones and earphones it, being jumbled up in our backpack, pockets, and handbag, it’s no wonder the dust and grime can clog them.

You’ll not only get low quality in music but also risk your chances of getting an ear infection or an earwax blockage.

With some tender, loving, care, you can keep your headphones’ quality maintained and your ears happy.

What Do I Need To Clean Them?

Some tools can be found at home but all you need is delicate hands. 

a small cloth
rubbing alcohol/hand sanitiser
cotton buds
children’s toothbrush

We’ll be cleaning these types of portable audio equipment today:

Earphones: in-ear monitors (IEM) / earbuds
Headphones: over-ear/on-ear headphones

Cleaning Earphones

Cleaning The Driver Unit

As we know, the driver unit is where the sound is produced and the part where you insert in your ears. 

Remember to remove the ear tips before cleaning the driver unit for in-ear monitors (IEM).

Hold your earphones with the mesh side facing downwards. Using a children’s toothbrush, brush the wire mesh gently to dislodge any dirt or clogged ear wax. Tap the non-mesh side (logo side) of the earbuds to knock some debris off.
With a blue-tack, go over the wire mesh and remove any remaining dust and dirt (this will pick up any unwanted substances)
Dampen a small cloth with some rubbing alcohol and wipe over the metal mesh and wires. (DON’T soak your cloth with the rubbing alcohol as it might damage your device)

Cleaning The Ear Tips

With detachable silicone sleeves/ear tips, follow this step:

Remove the silicone ear tips and soak them in slightly warm and soapy water for about 5 minutes
Rinse the silicone sleeves, wipe them dry, and leave them to dry on a paper towel before reattaching them

Bottom: Shure SE535 – RM1,799.00
(Top) Earbuds
(Bottom) In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)(remember to remove the ear tips before cleaning the driver unit)

Final Sonorous III – RM2,070
Headphone Earpads

Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner
The Jodi Consumer Hearing Vacuum Cleaner effectively cleans residue and debris from hearing instruments

Cleaning Headphones

As headphones come with leather or foam earpads that can tear easily, it might be harder to clean them. 

Remove the ear pads and wipe the exterior of the headphones with a damp small cloth with some soap and warm water
Wipe them dry with paper towels and leave them to air dry completely
Dampen a small cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe down the exterior of the earpads
Soak a cotton bud in alcohol and clean any nooks and crannies of the earpads
Dab some rubbing alcohol over the surface of the foam mesh and gently rub both right and left side together as this helps to kill off any bacteria that is brewing in the ear pads as well as dislodge any dirt or grime
Leave the earpads to air dry completely before reattaching them

If you want a factory reset on your headphones, you can use a hearing aid vacuum that pumps out earwax and dirt.

Here are some additional items you can use to keep your headphones and earphones fresh and clean:

Silica gel packets: These tiny gel beads helps to control the humidity level and absorb any other moisture. Leave them in the ear cups before keeping your headphones in their casing to get rid of any funky smell.
Replace your earpads: With new earpads, you can solve the problem completely. Especially when your earpads are falling apart. Original earpads might be too expensive but we have a wide range of earpads that you can choose from.

Clean Headphones Gives You Quality Music-Listening Experience 

With these simple steps, you can keep your headphones and earphones sounding good as new.


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