Becoming the mythbusters, 6 rumors about headphones.

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Being a mythbusters, here are 6 rumors about headphones that might shook you.

1.Classy brands will bring classy audio.

Like your favorite cricket team, headphone and earphone manufacturers have a large fan base, and there is a prejudice behind that. The theory is that a certain brand of audio hardware is the strongest. This is completely untrue. A company, no matter how well-known, can produce excellent earphones and headphones, but there is no universal chief. Since audio quality is subjective, there is no such thing as a flawless headphone or earphone. Any of the lesser-known brands will produce some impressive hardware. The most important piece of advice is to keep an open mind and test out different styles rather than sticking to labels. Check out some of the affordable headphones with such outstanding audio.

2.Headphones win for the bass.
The theory behind this misconception is that larger audio drivers can provide stronger bass, and this is partially true, but it varies by model. The larger drivers are said to force more air and compression, which is essential for good bass. Earphones, on the other hand, have the benefit of being snugly fitted into the ear canal, making for greater air compression. There is, however, no straightforward response. Sennheiser and AKG give you the best audio experience ever. Find out more.

3. Headphones are much safer than earphones.

Both headphones and earphones are comfortable to use if the volume controls are kept close at hand. The myth is that earphones are closer to the ear drums than headphones so they sit deeper inside the ear canal. The reality is that both can generate a lot of noise, and long-term exposure to each can be harmful. Check out our headphones collection.


4. Better hearing comes from more drivers of earphones and headphones.

Several new earphones and accessories have several drivers instead of just a single device. The theory is that each of these models’ drivers manages a specific range of the sound spectrum, making them sound smoother than single-driver devices. There are no conclusive findings that show that having more drivers improves sound quality. They perform well in some situations and worst in others.


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5. Good wire promotes good audio.

The various drivers are now housed in bigger enclosures in some headphones. There is no scientific evidence that bigger earphone enclosures increase earphone sound. There may be better sounding earphones with bigger enclosures, but the size of the enclosure may not be the determining factor.






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