Our Services

Assissting You With Any Portable Audio Gear Servicing Needs

We also headphones jack/driver replacement, resoldering, recabling, and earpads/eartips replacement service.

All you need to do is give us a call or visit our workshop, tell us the problem, and we can give you a rough cost, the viability of the repair, and the speed of work.

For more information on our portable audio gear repair and other services, call us, drop us a WhatsApp, or send us an enquiry.

Amplified delivers first-class portable audio gear service unmatched anywhere else in the country. We use the best tool available – our ears – to listen closely to your troubles so that you leave our workshop with a pair of gear that feels and sounds brand new.

Re-cable works for headphones / earphones

Some headphone manufacturers use more durable cables and reinforce the places where the cables join the jack plug and the phones themselves but, even with reinforcement, cables can still break sooner or later.

Re-shell of custom in ear monitors

Reshell includes remaking a factory shell of Your reinforcing in-earphones on the individual, producted by a cast of Your ear canal. Due to full anatomical fit for Your ear canal, maximum sound insulation is reached, as well as maximum fixing of the individual monitor in an ear.

Resolder of contact points

Resolder is an important part of your custom cable assembly or wire harnessing project. We employ a highly-trained workforce that’s skilled in soldered terminations and solder connections.

Replace faulty audio jacks/sockets

If it is faulty or just loose, either way, you will have to remove the system board to gain access to the headphone socket so as to either replace it or re-solder it back onto the system board.

Built to order audio cables (handmade)

We specialise in providing professional quality custom audio and data cabling for the studio, broadcast and sound re-enforcement industries.

Minor headphone/earphone modifications

Provides modification services for headphones or earphones by improving the audio quality for your  music pleasure.

  • convert fixed cable to detachable & vice versa
  • convert single-ended transmiter to balanced tranmitter and vice & versa